In case you’re fed up with the traditional cell phone models, why don’t you try out something fun and also brand new with the oppo f11 pro? One look at this cell phone and you’ll instantly notice different things. If the telephone is folded, the display is on one aspect of the telephone, so the rii is on the other person. After it’s flipped open, the foundation of the telephone is revealed.

Apparent Display Size

You are able to certainly not fail with the phone’s 3.1 inch screen. With a resolution of 320 x 480 as well as an HVGA display, graphics, images, along with movies come to life. With this particular amount of space, making use of the touch screen options won’t feel restricted and cramped.

User interface Capabilities

You will find 2 choices for entering symbols and text. You are able to work with the phone’s touch screen capabilities, or maybe you are able to make use of the cell phones reverse flip computer keyboard. Don’t bother about employing the computer keyboard in the dark; the keyboard of its is equipped with a brilliant backlight. Whatever you’re at ease with, each of them work completely.

Such as numerous contemporary mobile phones, the Oppo f11 is built with an excellent mobile operating system, Android. Running mobile applications, press, and exploring the web won’t ever be exactly the same with Android. Its 1.5 edition could be enhanced to 2.0 up.

Yet another brand new attribute on this particular cell phone will be the “BACKTRACK”. This development to navigating through the functions of the telephone is discovered behind the display screen.

Google Galore

Browsing the web is never complete with no Google applications. You are able to obtain freeware or maybe buy mobile uses in the Android Market; you are able to view movies from probably the funniest to most entertaining with YouTube; you are able to check the email of yours with Gmail; you are able to envision the planet in 3D with Google Maps, and also you are able to chat with any person with Google Talk. When Google is worried the Oppo f11 has everything.