Generally comprising of polyethylene, an artificial chemical made from natural gas and also oil, clear plastic bags result in the depletion of these non renewable natural resources. It will take twelve million barrels of oil to create the quantity of plastic have bags the US utilizes a year. You are able to imagine just what it takes to produce all of the plastic bags used across the planet! Whereas paper bags from recycled newspaper, help in lowering the concern on natural resources and would additionally put to much better make use of the waste paper made from several other industries.


Unlike paper bags that are bio degradable, many polythene bags don’t digest or perhaps disintegrate quickly. A clear plastic bag is able to get as many as 1,000 years to decompose on farm land and 450 years in water, while a paper bag decomposes in 3 6 days time.

3) Under one % OF PLASTIC BAGS Actually are RECYCLED

A great bulk of the plastic carry bags isn’t recycled, as it is cheaper to create a brand new bag than recycle a pre-owned one. An ordinary individual uses approximately 350 to 400 plastic-made carry bags a year. The United States by itself uses about hundred billion brand new polythene bags every year. Based on the Wall Street Journal, just one % of these are recycled worldwide. You are able to visualize exactly where everything used plastic goes!!! They typically end up sitting in landfills or even tossed aside and then blow through the environment or even accumulate in water systems. In South Africa, clear plastic bags are dubbed’ national flowers’, since a lot of could be noticed flapping from fences and also found in bushes.


Countless polythene bags wind up in oceans and damage the marine life of ours. A lot of marine animals and birds wrongly ingest these bags or even get entangled and choke in bags that prevail. Environmentalists pointed out that turtles frequently mistake them for jellyfish and swallow them. It’s estimated 100,000 marine animals die every year due to clear plastic litter winding up in the North Pacific. Terrestrial animals also die from having plastic. The clear plastic remains in the digestion system of theirs for an extended time, because of that they stop foods that is consuming plus die of starvation.